Mathcad in Chemistry Calculations

This is a collection of problems in chemistry that are part of a course in Computers in Chemistry or have been contributed by colleagues or students. Computational packages such as Mathcad are an excellent tool which allow scientists and other professionals without knowledge in computer languages to elegantly take care of some very tedious tasks. It just happens that they have been worked out with Mathcad, and the author does not endorse this program in any way (the best program is always the one we know best). Enough comments have been given that all the examples can easily be adapted to any other software package (such as Mathematica, Derive, etc.). Also, all the curve fitting problems can be performed in any statistical packages or spreadsheet program (time permitting a directory containg the Excel files will be worked out later).

If viewed with the MathSoft Mathbrowser , the files can be seen directly. For those with other browsers,the Mathcad documents are presented as screen shots with the following icon: . All present files have been created with version 5.0 of Mathcad.

The symbols for the physical quantities are those that resemble as close as possible the ones recommended by IUPAC. The Mathcad syntax does not allow the complete freedom in the use of subscripts,superscripts, parentheses, brackets, etc. HTML is even more restrictive, so most of the basic formulas are also entered as graphic images.

Any comments, suggestions or Mathcad files to be included tothe list are most welcome. Please contact Zoran Zdravkovski: or snail:

Institute of Chemistry
Arhimedova 5, PO Box 162
91000 Skopje

For more Mathcad files you can go to the MathSoft Educational Files or to the University of New Mexico or to Widener University .

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created Sept. 1, 1995, updated Feb. 1, 1996