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Library - Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

These pages honor the individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the development of the Institute of Chemistry. We take this opportunity to thank them again for their efforts and generosity.

In the first group are the individuals and organizations who have made donations in books or journals to our library.

  • Dr. Vasil Babamov, CAS, Columbus, OH, USA

Vasil has repeatedly collected and organized donations to our library. The 1997 shipment consisted of over 30,000 lbs of books, journals etc. collected for our library and for the libraries of the Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering and the Institute of Physics. Vasil has been also very active in the collection of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for Macedonia.

Since 1993 Joyce has repeatedly directly or indirectly sent journals for our library.

  • Prof. Dr. Gilbert Seely, ASU, Tempe, AZ, USA

Three decades of Photochemistry and Photobiology and Solar Energy

  • Prof. Dr. Guilbeau, UNO, New Orleans, LA, USA

A decade of Analytical Letters

  • Prof. Dr. Branko Jursic, UNO, New Orleans, LA, USA

Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of the American Chemical Society

  • Dr. Smilka Zdravkovska, Mathematical Reviews, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Journal of Computational Chemistry

  • British Council,

Various books and textbooks

  • Dr. Daniel Grosjean, Daniel Grosjean and Associates, Inc., Ventura, CA, USA

Analytical Chemistry

  • Thomas Hapke, University Library, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Hamburg, Germany

 7. Angewante Chemie, Journal of Physical Chemistry

In the second gorup are mostly organizations and companies that have repeatedly sponsored the activities that have taken place at our Institute.

  • Pivara - SKOPSKO, i sè e mo`no!
  • Zito Luks, Skopje
  • OHIS
  • Rafinerija - Skopje
  • Alkaloid