Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia




Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy


R. Boskovic 16, Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: (389-91) 364-588     Fax: (389-91) 365-389



President: Prof. Gordana Bogoeva-Gaceva

Secretary: M.Sc. Aleksandra Buzuravska

Research activities


The division for macromolecules works as a part of the Society of the Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia. Presently its membership consists of approximately 80 chemical engineers and chemists. Some of them are permanent members, employed at the Faculty of Technology, while others are from  industry:

        Ohis, Skopje contact person Dr. N. Josevska

        Hemteks, Skopje contact person M.Sc. M. Petak

        Euroinvest, Prilep 11 Oktomvri contact person M.Sc. D. Dimeski

        Alkaloid, Skopje contact person S. Stanisavlevska

        Rade Koncar, Skopje contact person Dr. M. Stojceski

        Medicinska plastika, Tetovo contact person N. Rjabosapko



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