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Participation in projects

  1. Spectroscopic Investigation of Potential Proton–Conductors (1995–1998);
  2. Investigation of Urinary Calculi with Fourier–Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Development of Methods for Their Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (1998–2000);
  3. Investigation of Indoles and Weak Organic Acids and Development of Analytical Methods for Their Determination. (1996 – 2000);
  4. Minerals from Macedonia–Spectroscopic and Structural Characterisation (1998–2000);
  5. Salts and Complexes–Experimental and theoretical studies (1998–2000);
  6. Participant as a volunteer in project for air pollution control in Skopje financed by Japanese government (1998–1999);
  7. Development of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Analysis of Sialolytes using Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (2001-2003);
  8. Structural correlations and investigation of the properties of perovskite-like compounds (2001-2003);
  9. Development of chemometric methods for determination of the structure of urinary calculi (2001-2003);
  10. Minerals from Macedonia–Spectroscopic and Structural Characterisation II (2001–2003).
  11. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of HIV-1 Inhibitor Molecules, Slovenian-Macedonian Inter­governmental S&T Cooperation (2005-2006);
  12. Chemical characterization of wild growing medicinal and aromatic plants of the Lamiaceae family and evaluation of the possibilities for their cultivation, Bulgarian-Macedonian Inter­governmental S&T Cooperation (2005-2007).