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  1. Spectroscopic investigations of clathrats and aquacomplexes,
    Principal researcher: Dr. Biljana Minceva Sukarova
  2. Modeling of chemical systems by molecular-mechanical and quantum-mechanical methods
    Principal researcher: Dr. Zoran Zdravkovski
  3. Thin films of inorganic materials: preparation, characterization and new applications
    Principal researcher: Dr. Ivan Grozdanov
  4. Application of square-wave voltametric method for quantitative determination of some microelements
    Principal researcher: Dr. Simka Petrovska-Jovanovic
  5. Investigation of biochemical systems of macromolecules and their interaction with small ligands and metallic ions
    Principal researcher: Dr. Kiro Stojanoski
  6. Synthesis, structural investigations and quantum-mechanical calculations of some saccharinate salts and complexes with pyridine, 2,2'-bipyridin and o-phenantroline
    Principal researcher: Dr. Orhideja Grupce
  7. Use of Thallium Minerals as Solar Neutrino Detectors
    Principal researcher: Dr. Trajce Stafilov
  8. Determination of Nickel and Manganese in Biological Matrices by Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
    Principal researcher: Dr. Trajce Stafilov
  9. Systems of isostructural and isotype compounds: spectroscopic structural and theoretical investigations
    Principal researcher: Dr. Vladimir Petrusevski
  10. Investigation of Inorganic Materials by Vibrational Spectroscopic and Quantum Chemical Methods
    Principal researcher: Dr. Vladimir Petrusevski
  11. Study on electrochemical behavior and correlation with pharmacological properties of some organic compounds
    Principal researcher: Dr. Blagoja Jordanoski
  12. Investigation of urinary calculus by Furie-transform infrared spectrophotometry and the development of methods for their qualitative and quantitative analysis
    Principal researcher: Dr. Mira Trpkovska
  13. Metallic minerals from Macedonia and their spectroscopic and structural characterization
    Principal researcher: Dr. Gligor Jovanovski
  14. Synthesis and investigation of some compounds of uranium
    Principal researcher: Dr. Ilinka Donova
  15. Development of analytical methods for the determination of indols and nonsaturated carboxylic acids
    Principal researcher: Dr. Ilinka Spirevska
  16. Analysis of glucozinolates in brassica and brassicae endemic types in Macedonia
    Principal researcher: Dr. Bogdan Bogdanov
  17. Adsorptive stripping volatametry on metal oxamate complexes
    Principal researcher: Dr. Maria Georgieva