Сојуз на хемичарите и технолозите на Македонија

Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia

Prof. Dr. Svetomir Hadzi-Jordanov, President

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, R. Boskovic 16, Skopje, Macedonia
Phone (+389-2) 306-4392; Fax (+389-2) 306-4392
shj AT tmf DOT ukim DOT edu DOT mk


Prof. Dr. Zoran Zdravkovski, Secretary

Institute of Chemistry, Arhimedova 5, P.O.B. 161, Skopje, Macedonia
Phone (+389-2) 324-9926; Fax (+389-2) 322-6865
zoran AT pmf DOT ukim DOT mk


The Society was founded in 1946 as an association of scientific, research workers as well as technicians who are active in chemistry, applied chemistry and technology. It is part of the Association of Engineering-Scientific Societies and Unions of the Republic of Macedonia and is a memeber of the Federation of European Chemical Societies.

Within the Society there are 12 divisions:

  1. Analytical Chemistry and Quality Control,
  2. Electrochemistry,
  3. Ceramics and Nonmetal Materials,
  4. Spectroscopy,
  5. Biochemistry and Biotechnology,
  6. Organic Chemistry,
  7. Macromolecules,
  8. Environmental Chemistry,
  9. Chemical and Industrial Engineering,
  10. Education in Chemistry,
  11. Food Chemistry,
  12. Crystallography.

Besides these divisions, the members of the Society are organized within several regional societies in larger institutions and/or cities.

The financial sources of the Society are grants from the Ministry of Science and Education of Macedonia for its publications, company donations and individual fees of its members.

The main activities of the Society are the publication of the Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - MJCCE and the organization of Symposia. Also an information e-Bulletin is distributed electronically to its members.

MJCCE first appeared in 1974 and it is now published twice annually. It contains reviews, original scientific, short communications, professional papers and other contributions from all fields of chemistry and technology. All scientific papers are in English and are reviewed by two independent referees, while the professional and other contributions are in Macedonian. The papers from MJCCE are abstracted in Chemical Abstracts, Scopus, EBSCO, Science Citation Index-Expanded, Web of Science, Chemistry Citation Index - Extended, Jornal Citation report/ Science Edition etc. MJCCE is an open access journal and the SCI impact factor for 2009 is 0,20.

The Symposia are organized every two years since 1970, and besides scientists from Macedonia, contributors from other countries regularly take part in them. In 1995 the First Meeting on Polymers and Polymeric Materials was organized as part of the regular Symposium. Furthermore, the Society is a co-organizer of the Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry of the Students of Macedonia.

The Society also organizes lectures and seminars on various topics of interest to its members and the propagation of chemistry and chemical engineering.


Created in March, 1997, last updated December, 2010.

Institute of Chemistry, Skopje, Macedonia