Ethnology and Anthropology Studies


The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology is dedicated to scientific and research work related to general interest of man, society and culture. Its aim is to educate students in the field of ethnology and anthropology. These studies enable the students to attain general knowledge from the above-mentioned fields, but it also gives special directions, depending on the wishes of the students, as well as the social needs.

Vertical connection of the studies

After graduation students can continue at post-graduate studies at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology. Due to the fact that the undergraduate studies at Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology are implemented according to a program that is compatible with similar undergraduate programs abroad, it is possible that students enroll at postgraduate studies at other Universities outside Macedonia.

Horizontal connection of the studies

There is a possibility for a horizontal connection to other programs and studies, through the optional subjects that are part of the studies of ethnology and ethnology. According to their interests and the needs for specialization of the students’ knowledge, one can choose optional subjects from other faculties and universities that have signed an agreement for such cooperation.

Fields of expert and scientific activities of the future ethnologists and anthropologist

The graduated ethnologists and anthropologists can be professionally employed in Governmental and non-governmental organizations that deal with language and gender issues, human rights, health culture, religion, life in both rural and urban environments, popular culture, ethnicity, management of Governmental and non-governmental institutions etc. As someone who has knowledge concerning the features of ethnic communities, the graduated ethnologists and anthropologists could successfully work in the fields of education, protection of cultural heritage, museums, all segments of tourism, journalism, social planning, urbanism, domestic and artistic production, cooperation with Macedonian Diaspora, Embassies and cultural programs of embassies in Macedonia, media campaigns and communications.